No Smart Meter

Upcoming Events

Grants Pass Smart Meter Town Hall!

Thursday February 21st @ 6pm to 8pm

Fruitdale Grange 1440 Parkdale Dr
30min presentation by Randal Barrett
Followed by Q&A

All living in the unincorporated areas of Josephine County who
Don't Want to Pay Opt Out Fees or Want Their Smart Meter Removed
Must File For Relief Before Feb 27th 2019

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Smart Meters Transmit
10,000 to 190,000 High Power Microwave Pulses a day!
How Close is Your Family to The Meter?

OPUC Removed $137 Fee Due To Public Pressure!
We Want All The Illegal Opt Out Fees Removed!

Revealed At OPUC Meeting Aug 14 2018: Smart Meters/Digital Meters have Capabilities Not Disclosed to OPUC or Public! VERY SCARY!!!

Opt Out TodayTo Save Your Analog Meter

Overbilling is a Real Problem with Computerized Meters!

Protest Sign

Double Sided Sign $15
With a stick attached for your yard!
Lets get them all over! Contact info on right

Smart Meters
Fires & Explosions
Bills Skyrocketing
Health Harm